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TrafficFinder! TM  -  Agent Calculator Using Erlang C Formula

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Help Topics: Step 1: Enter 3 of the 4 input components; ether Agents, Calls per hour, Call Duration or ONE statistic component.

Basic Traffic Calculator

Trunk Estimator

Erlang B Overflow

Agent Calculator

Peaked Traffic (Neal-Wilkinson)

Traffic Tables

Traffic Principles


Traffic Models:


Erlang B

Extended Erlang B

Erlang C

Erlang B Peaked(Neal-Wilkinson)




Traffic Tables:

Poisson Traffic Table

Erlang B Traffic Table

Erlang C Traffic Table

Erlang B Peaked(Neal-Wilkinson)

If you choose to enter a Statistics Component you only need to enter one.  Click on the component you are using for input.  The other statistics values will be calculated.
Step 2: Click the button next to the unknown value you want TrafficFinder! to calculate.
TrafficFinder! calculates all unknowns and all statistics.