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TrafficFinder! TM  -  Erlang B Overflow Modeling

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Help Topics: Step 1: Enter the number of trunks in the group you want to model.

Basic Traffic Calculator

Trunk Estimator

Erlang B Overflow

Agent Calculator

Peaked Traffic (Neal-Wilkinson)

Traffic Tables

Traffic Principles


Traffic Models:


Erlang B

Extended Erlang B

Erlang C

Erlang B Peaked(Neal-Wilkinson)




Traffic Tables:

Poisson Traffic Table

Erlang B Traffic Table

Erlang C Traffic Table

Erlang B Peaked(Neal-Wilkinson)

Step 2: Enter the traffic in either Erlangs or CCS
Step 3: Select either CCS or Erlangs as a listing option
Step 4: Press "List Overflow Traffic" button
TrafficFinder! builds the model depicting how much traffic each trunk in the group will carry assuming all traffic is pointed to the first trunk
You can print the results or export it to an Excel Spreadsheet.
Overflow Traffic in Excel Spreadsheet