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TrafficFinder! TM  -  Trunk Estimator

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Help Topics: Step 1: Select users total estimated usage.  For example: if your users are on the phone 21% of the time during the busy hour, select 21%.  Several sample business profiles are included for your reference.  These profiles were compiled over years of experience with different industry traffic patterns.

Basic Traffic Calculator

Trunk Estimator

Erlang B Overflow

Agent Calculator

Peaked Traffic (Neal-Wilkinson)

Traffic Tables

Traffic Principles


Traffic Models:


Erlang B

Extended Erlang B

Erlang C

Erlang B Peaked(Neal-Wilkinson)




Traffic Tables:

Poisson Traffic Table

Erlang B Traffic Table

Erlang C Traffic Table

Erlang B Peaked(Neal-Wilkinson)

Step 2: Once you select a % total usage, the incoming, outgoing and internal portions are populated.  These can be modified if you like.  Just select from left to right.  The totals must add up to 100%
Step 3: Enter the number of total users on this system.
Step 4: Select traffic formula model: Poisson, Erlang B or Erlang C 
Step 5: Select a desired blocking rate from the list or simply type in your own
Calculations are made automatically.  In this example you would need 888 incoming trunks and 1,064 outgoing trunks.  This is a total of 1,952 trunks.  If you were to combine the trunk groups into 2 way groups you would only need 1,896 trunks.  Combining groups will save you 56 trunks!
TrafficFinder! is pre-loaded with dozens of business traffic profiles.  You can edit the profiles or create your own by clicking on "Edit Profiles".  Internal % traffic is automatically calculated using the balance of 100%.