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What is required to run C.O. Finder!  Plus+ ?

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008

  • A Screen resolution of 1,024 by 768 or higher

  • Microsoft Dot.Net 2.0 or higher.  (This is preinstalled by Microsoft on most computers.  But don't worry if you don't have this.  C.O. Finder will check your computer and then ask if you want to install this.)

  • A local attached hard drive with at least 50 Mbytes of free space

  • An Internet connection is optional if you want to use the LocationFinder! mapping features.

How do I install and maintain C.O. Finder on a shared drive for several users?


C.O. Finder!  Plus+ will run stand alone without having to connect to your server.  However, the software will need to be registered and updated by each user if you have purchased updates.  A new registration key will be sent to each user at each update interval.  However, system administrators can keep the files updated on a shared drive which will automatically update the desktops.


Shared Folder Setup

Step 1:  Install Files to Shared Drive

Download and install C.O. Finder!  Plus+ UPDATE ONLY to your shared drive using the link in our Download Center.  


Change the Installation Path to your shared drive and then press Continue.  You do not have to register this on the server.  These files will be used by desktop users each month for updating.


You now have an established update path for desktop users.

Step 2: Change the Update Folder

Open the cofinderlauncherserverfolder.ini file which is located in the folder you just installed.  You can open this file using any text editor such as notepad.  Change the serverfolder to match the one in Step 1.

Users Desktop Setup
Step 1: Install Files to Desktop

Download and install C.O. Finder!  Plus+ to each users desktop.  

Make sure the user has permission to modify files in the Installation Path.

Step 2: Register C.O.Finder at each Desktop

Each user will receive a key via email.

Step 3: Change the Update Folder

Click on Preferences on the C.O. Finder menu and change this folder to the shared drive where you installed the files in Step 1.

That's it!

Now the next time you are notified of an update just repeat Server Folder Setup Step 1.

The next time you put an update on the shared drive, users will get this message.  Pressing Yes will update their C.O. Finder with new files.


















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