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C.O.Finder! Plus+TM

THE most comprehensive product on the market!

Find, sort, list and Display Central Offices and data

Includes Entire North American Numbering Plan

Map C.O.s and Routes

Updated Monthly

Calculate Interoffice Distance

Calculate Local Loop Distance

Export Data Feature (optional)

Billing Percents - Meet Point Data (optional)

Trusted by thousands of telecom providers since 1994

Updated Monthly with approximately 1,100 NPANXX's

(area codes and exchanges)

Unlimited email and telephone support!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7

Mac OS X running Parallels Desktop


Trunk and Agent Traffic Analyzer

Traffic Tables with Export Capability

Erlang B

Erlang B Extended

Erlang B Peaked

Neal Wilkenson

Erlang C



Trunk Profiles

Export Feature

Starting at $150

Only $100

Microsoft Certified Virus Free Software



Number Portability Lookup - Live Data Access

Provides 10 Digit Resolution of all US Phone Numbers


Unlimited Lookups 3 ways:

* One at a time lookup from C.O. Finder

* Batch Process Lookup to and from your database with multiple formats, Excel, Access, SQL Server, Tab delimited, CSV, XML and others

* Direct Web Access

This optional feature queries the Number Portability database to find if a phone number has been ported to another carrier.

In this example the phone number 407-383-4805 was ported to Cingular Wireless (owned by ATT Wireless) on 08/19/2009 by means of local routing number 407-619-4196


10 digit phone number

As of date

Output Data Returned:

Local Routing Number

Operating Carrier Number Name

Operating Carrier Number

Operating Carrier Number Type

Local Acces Transport Area

City, State

Date Number was ported

Email to SMS

Email to MMS


Single Number Lookup or batch process on your database with multiple formats, Excel, Access, SQL Server, Tab delimited, CSV, XML

Direct web access sample output.

How it works:

You make requests to our website and we return the output similar to this sample.

Your request will send the telephone number, effective date and your password.

We will provide sample files for you to run from your website:

.aspx, .aspx.vb, .aspx.cs


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